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A terrific line-up for conference

While I’ve been a guest at APCO’s Annual Conferences in the past, this is the first year I’m on the “inside” and it’s been a terrific experience thus far.  I’m especially excited with the sessions that our Government Relations team has set up.  Not only do we have a number of highly esteemed government officials…

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FirstNet is Almost Here

A united public safety community achieved a great success this past February with enactment of the public safety broadband legislation.  In all significant respects, public safety received the spectrum, funding, and nationwide governance structure it lobbied for and which all agreed were essential to success.  With the reallocation of the D Block for public safety…

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"Tabletop Exercise"

A “Tabletop Exercise,” often shortened as “TTX,” is a discussion-based exercise frequently used by emergency planners.  Led by a facilitator using a planned scenario, TTX participants describe the actions they would take, and the processes and procedures they would follow.  The facilitator notes the players’ contributions, and ensures that exercise objectives are met.  Following the exercise, the facilitator…

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