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New APCO Institute Course: Cybersecurity Fundamentals for the ECC
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NEW | Update Your Procurement Process With APCO's Sample RFP Template for NG9-1-1

Yesterday APCO released a “Sample RFP Template for NG9-1-1 Capabilities” to assist 9-1-1 directors and authorities with their procurement activities, with a particular focus on achieving interoperability, cybersecurity, innovation and cost transparency. The template offers recommendations, guidance, and specific operational requirements, and is designed so agencies can customize their own RFP documents for all or portions of a complete NG9-1-1 deployment.

APCO’s hope is that wide use of this RFP template will serve to update and modernize the procurement process and place 9-1-1 professionals on the path to comprehensive, end-to-end NG9‑1-1 solutions.

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RapidSOS connects the world to public safety, sending device location (from iPhones and Androids) and additional emergency data from user profiles (e.g., MedicAlert), wearables, connected cars, apps (e.g., Uber), connected buildings and security systems to over 3,500 ECCs nationwide.

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