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May 21-22, 2019 | Arlington, VA
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April 25FCC's Universal Licensing System

Ask Your U.S. Senators & Representative to Support the 9-1-1 SAVES Act

For several years, APCO has sought to correct the federal classification of 9-1-1 professionals by reclassifying them as Protective Service Occupations as opposed to administrative/clerical occupations. Now, momentum is building in Congress for a simple legislative fix. APCO is seeking the assistance of its members and others. We’re asking you to TAKE ACTION - Ask your U.S. Senators & Representative to Support the 9-1-1 SAVES Act


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Kannapolis Police Department Communications

Is staffed with 16 full time telecommunicators who have a passion to help the community and have dedicated their lives in assisting others in their time of need.

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Thousands of PSAPs rely on NICE’s multimedia recording, incident reconstruction, operational intelligence and 911 Quality Assurance solutions to capture, analyze, understand and improve the incident journey. Instantly retrieve incident recordings, streamline QA, fulfill records requests in half the time. Get unprecedented insight into difficult to measure PSAP metrics, without all the work.

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