Earn CDE's With These Free-for-Members Webinars and Recordings

APCO webinars are presented originally as live events and then made available as recordings. Most webinars are one-hour and many offer CDEs. Unless otherwise indicated, APCO webinars are free to APCO members. Registration is required in order to provide your personalized access link.

Webinar recordings are removed from the site after two years and are no longer available for CDEs after that.  In special circumstances, we can provide access to an older webinar without offering CDEs. Please email [email protected] to make such a request.

Name Date CDEs
Reclassification Update: OMB Requests Input for SOC Revision – Webinar
07/17/24 1
Swatting Identification and Mitigation Tips for ECCs – Webinar – #73274
07/09/24 1
Next-Gen Dispatch: Envisioning the Future of CAD Systems – Webinar – #73158
06/25/24 1
Implementation of Link Layer Authentication Within P25 -Webinar #72290
05/30/24 1
Best Practices for ERCES: Expert Insights and Actionable Tips for Public Safety Stakeholders – Webinar #72107
06/11/24 1
Improving 9-1-1 Staff Performance & Retention: Why Targeted Quality Assurance Is Essential – Webinar #71545
05/22/24 1
Signal Boosters: Solving for Poor In-building Public Safety Wireless Coverage While Protecting Outdoor PS Networks
02/26/24 0
Considering the Cloud? 5 Reasons It May Be Right for Your Agency – Webinar #69447
09/20/23 1
Limited Staff and Increasing Calls for Service: Leveraging Affordable Technology to Address Staffing Challenges #67374
04/04/23 1
NG9-1-1: What You Need to Know and the Case for Federal Funding
02/23/23 1
Communications Challenges and Solutions for School Response – Webinar – #65799
10/19/22 1
Leveraging Automated Dispatch Alerting to Address Workload and Staffing Challenges – Webinar – #65554
10/11/22 1
How Can You Make Your NG9-1-1 Solution a Success? Start With the Platform – Webinar – #65238
09/13/22 1
Getting 911 Emergency Response Right in Challenging Times – Webinar – #65153
09/20/22 1
Improving Staffing for ECCs: How to Measure Your Staffing Needs
06/22/22 1
Improving Emergency Communications Resiliency
05/16/22 0
Resources & Recommendations for Calls Involving Missing Children on the Autism Spectrum
Webinar Online
04/27/22 0