Host a Course for Local Agencies

When your agency or chapter co-hosts a course with APCO, you can invite others from your area to attend a class taught by one of the Institute’s experienced instructors. Hosting an APCO Institute class is easier than you may think and you can meet local needs by bringing APCO training to your area on your schedule. You may choose to host any one of our APCO training courses.

  • Each course has a minimum number of students required;
  • We need at least 3-4 months’ notice to set up the class and get the word out on the course to get the needed number of registrations required to confirm the class.
  • The host agency provides a training room that will seat 20-30 comfortably and assist our instructor with some audiovisual aids, etc.
  • APCO Institute provides the instructor and training materials. You are NOT responsible for any costs incurred by our instructor.
  • If for any reason, the class does not confirm and must cancel, there is no cost to you.

Contract a Course for Your Agency Only

Agencies can also contract to have any of our classes taught on your schedule and exclusively for your staff in-house. This option is also perfect for chapter conferences and agencies that have a considerable number of employees that can attend the training at the same time.

  • Contract courses can be taught live, online or in the Virtual Classroom.

Contact us if you have questions about contracting an APCO course for your agency staff.

Live, Online, Virtual — What’s the Difference?

APCO Institute offers training courses at times and using methods that are convenient to you.

NOTE: APCO has a 90% rule (attendees must attend 90% of a course) for all courses. No attendee can miss more than 10% of the course time or assignments.

Live Courses

  • Live, in-person
  • Taught by an APCO adjunct instructor or agency instructor (in-house only)
  • Set dates and schedules
  • Can be held in-house for one agency or hosted by an agency or chapter

Online Courses

  • Online
  • Typically three to six weeks
  • Led by APCO Institute adjunct instructors
  • 24/7 access
  • Students learn at a time convenient to them
  • Accessed from any internet-enabled device

Virtual Classroom

  • Live, online
  • Comparable to live offerings
  • Taught in real-time by APCO Institute adjunct instructors
  • Set dates and schedules
  • Requires internet-enabled computer with webcam, speakers and microphone for the duration of the course