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Each issue of PSC magazine contains two continuing dispatch education (CDE) articles. Read the article and take the accompanying exam, available in the magazine and online, to earn continuing education credit. Unless indicated otherwise, each article and exam is worth one CDE.

Please note: Dated materials or information are current, applicable and relevant only as of the date of their issue and should not be relied upon as being current after that date. Nor is any of this information intended to serve as agency guidelines. As always, APCO advises you to follow your agency’s policies and procedures.

CDE #65173 What You Should Know About NG9-1-1

NG9-1-1 has been discussed for more than a decade; it has the potential to provide the emergency communications center (ECC) with voice, text, pictures, multimedia and many other types of data, including a wide variety of digital technologies and sensors connecting people and their environment. However, defining NG9-1-1 is fundamental and providing end-to-end multimedia capability is more than implementing an emergency services IP network (ESInet). Before considering NG9-1-1, it is essential to answer the question, “What is NG9-1-1?”

Understanding the system and its interrelationships is key to planning an ECC upgrade.

CDE #65174 Inside the Console

We know that public safety telecommunicators are the individuals behind the console, serving as the initial point of contact for the public whenever there is a need for assistance. Likewise, public safety employees (law, fire and EMS) on the street are the first responders handling the public’s calls for service. These are the visible segments of the public safety operating picture. What is not visible is the pathway(s) between the console and the radios on the street, AKA “inside the console.”

A radio network’s technical specifications depend on its size and reach.

Using CDE Articles for Recertification

To receive a complimentary certificate of completion.
Take the CDE exam online. Go to http://apco.remote-learner.net/login/index.php to create your username and password. Enter “CDE article” in the search box, and click on “Public Safety Communications Magazine Article Exams,” then click on ”enroll me” and choose the name of the CDE to begin the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, a certificate of achievement will be available for download/printing.

To use the CDE articles for credit toward APCO recertification(s)
Each CDE article is equal to one credit hour of continuing education

  1. Study the CDE article in this issue.
  2. Answer the test questions online or on the quiz page from the magazine article. (Photocopies are not required.)
  3. Add/upload your CDE article information and certificate of achievement in the “My Classes Taken” section of APCO’s Training Central.

To use the CDE articles for anything other than APCO recertifications and get a printed copy of the certificate:

  1. Answer the test questions. Photocopies are acceptable, but please don’t enlarge them.
  2. Fill out the ordering information below and mail with the completed exam to:
    APCO Institute
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