Read, review and comment on candidate industry standards.

Each candidate standard is open for public review and comment. In this way, all who are directly and materially affected by a standard under development can have a voice in the ANS process. All comments will be addressed by the standards working group.

Standards Currently Available for Public Review & Comment

How to Comment

When there are candidate standards, you will see a form below that you can use to comment on them.

Standards Comment & Review Form

Standards Comment & Review Form

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    Add a new line by clicking on the plus sign at the right of your completed line.

You may also submit comments to [email protected]. Please ensure that you include the below information related to your comment(s) if submitting directly to the APCO Standards email address:

First and last name
Email address
Phone number
Name of candidate standard
Page number
Section number
Line number
Proposed resolution

Please continue to check this page for further updates. If you are aware of any current standards activities that may impact public safety communications, please email information to [email protected].

Questions and Suggestions?

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need for specific standards, please submit them for APCO’s review to [email protected] or call the Standards Program Manager at (469) 424-7599.