Instructions for Filing Regional Plans Electronically With the FCC

  • Go to the FCC’s ECFS page at
  • Select “Submit a Filing”
  • Enter your docket number under “proceeding”. Continue to fill in the cover sheet (see sample cover sheet below)
  • At Block 12, select “Amendment”
  • Upload your document(s) Cover letter, Amendment, etc.
  • ECFS will generate a “Confirmation” that your filing has been accepted.
  • File your dockets in both the WT 02-55 (Rebanding docket) and the RPC’s NPSPAC docket. Refer to to find your region’s NPSPAC docket.
  • Send an email to John Evanoff to advise that you’ve filed your notification of intent to file either a streamlined amendment or a full amendment (requires letters of concurrence).