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APCO Releases 6th Edition of CTO Course

APCO International has recently launched an update to the APCO Communications Training Officer (CTO) course. This course provides comprehensive training to experienced telecommunicators on the roles and responsibilities of CTOs in running an agency’s training program. Previous editions of the CTO program have been implemented in hundreds of agencies nationwide. Two versions of the updated course are available: CTO 6th Edition and CTO 6th Edition Instructor.

Those certified in the CTO 5th Edition may register for the CTO 6th Edition Update course for a limited time at no cost to meet recertification requirements.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals Course for All ECC Professionals Coming Up in 2022

This course provides information that all emergency communications center (ECC) professionals need to know to safeguard their agency against cybersecurity attacks. Cybersecurity Fundamentals for the ECC  is taught in real-time in the APCO Virtual Classroom. Register now for the February 9 course. Worth 8 CDEs.

3 Reasons to Take Courses From the APCO Institute

  • As part of APCO International, the APCO Institute is uniquely positioned to offer highly specialized training and resources on foundational, current and emerging topics that public safety telecommunications professionals need to know.
  • APCO’s leadership role in public safety communications worldwide means that our training programs and resources reflect the pressing issues that affect emergency communications centers (ECCs) of all sizes and that they meet the needs of our more than 35,000 members.
  • As a non-profit entity, the Institute offers exceptional and affordable training opportunities to public safety agencies and practitioners, regardless of their financial resources.

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