Wellness and Peer Support Program Implementation in a 9-1-1 Communication Center

This workbook offers guidance to public safety agencies on the development and implementation of wellness programs, especially those geared towards peer support, that can be implemented partially or in full depending on the needs of the individual agency.

The Peer Support and CISM APCO workgroup under the APCO Wellness Committee examined over thirty agencies of varying sizes and geography who had submitted details in 2021-2022 about their centers and their peer support programs. View the 2021-2022 analysis.

Military Employment Guidebook for ECCs

This document as a guide for ECCs to initiate engagement with the veteran and military spouse communities to tap into the broad, and often times confusing, networks to access talent that are known for understanding commitment to service and dedication to mission.

Emergency Communications Center Crisis Preparation Manual

This best practices reference guide is meant to assist agencies in developing agency-specific plans to respond to critical incidents that may have a significant impact on center operations and the public, including specific incident types such as active assailant incidents, communications center evacuations, co‐worker/line of duty deaths, earthquakes, mass casualty incidents, terrorist attacks, weather events, wildfires, and other unusual occurrences.