Interference Reporting

APCO uses the resources of APCO’s Local Advisors and of all of the Public Safety Communications Council coordinators (PSCC), including AASHTO, FCCA, and IMSA, to assist in the process of interference and compliance review.

APCO processes these complaints pursuant to a  Memo of Understanding (MOU) with the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau (EB), in conjunction with the FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, aimed at improving the Commission’s compliance and enforcement processes involving public safety radio services.

How Does It Work?

The Commission’s Frequency Advisory Committees (FAC) work with the EB to protect the technical and regulatory integrity of radio communications. Under the MOU, APCO follows an FCC technical and administrative standard to collect all information relevant to a compliance or interference matter.  APCO researches and verifies the substance of a complaint and will only refer a matter to the Commission when the interference problem cannot be resolved.

Pursuant to FCC Rule 90.173(b), “licensees of stations suffering or causing harmful interference are expected to cooperate and resolve this problem by mutually satisfactory arrangements.” If they are unable to do so, the Commission may impose restrictions including specifying transmitter power, antenna height, or area or hours of operation of the stations concerned. The use of any frequency at a given geographical location may be denied when its use in that location is not in the public interest; the use of any frequency may be restricted as to geographical areas, maximum power or other operating conditions.

Report Interference Below 512 MHz

To report interference below 512 MHz, complete and submit this Compliance Request Report (CRR)  for interference complaints. You may also email it to [email protected]. A copy of this report will be emailed to the address in the first email address box.

To report interference on 800 MHz frequencies involving commercial users, go to

Compliance Request Report

  • Interfering Party

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