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Communications Center Supervisor (CCS)

Build your management and supervisory skills.

Beginning January 2020, the APCO Institute will offer updated editions of its Communication Center Supervisor (CCS) and Communications Center Supervisor Instructor (CCS Instructor) courses. Learn more.


The APCO Institute Communications Center Supervisor course provides supervisory training designed specifically for Comm Center Supervisors and candidates moving into supervisory roles.  Perhaps the greatest challenge in preparing supervisors is helping them develop a new point of view that relates the work in front of them to a wider perspective of how their work fits together with the work of everybody else in the agency to move the mission forward.

Students should have access to their agency’s policies and procedures as a resource to use in class.


  • The Role of the Communications Center Supervisor
  • The Evolution of the Supervisory Mindset
  • Skills for Supervisory Success
  • The Supervisor as Leader
  • The Supervisor as Management
  • Communicating as a Supervisor

Classroom instruction is supplemented by practical exercises that help students apply the lessons to their own agency policies and procedures. Students not only learn supervisory topics, but also learn how to work together in groups and cooperate to attain common goals.

CDEs Earned: 24


Must hold APCOs PST and CTO certification (or a working knowledge of APCO ANS 3.102.2-2017–Core Competencies and Minimum Training Requirements for Public Safety Communications Training Officers.) If not certified, must provide a letter on agency letterhead stating they have requisite CTO knowledge.


Beginning with the new CCS 5, APCO certified CCSs must provide proof every two years of 24 hours (12 hours per certification year) of continuing dispatch education (CDE). Complete information on the recertification process is provided at the conclusion of the Communications Center Supervisor 5th Ed., Version 1, Update course. Recertification requires ongoing continuing education.

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