APCO 2023: Connect & Celebrate Dinner

At the Connect & Celebrate Dinner in Nashville, Tennessee, outgoing President Angela Batey took the podium to thank everyone and followed that with presenting the 2023 APCO International President’s Award to Mrs. Kathy Poarch, wife of APCO CEO Derek Poarch.

Console to 5K: How a Race Led to Professional Development

The Training & Quality Assurance Coordinator from Cobb County DEC presented this unique perspective of how training for her first, second, third and fourth 5K and eventually a 10K race led her to understand her own professional development.

Leveling Up: Being a Desirable Candidate for Promotion

Alterio brought 33 years of experience in this area to provide life lessons, excellent pointers and practical ways that anyone, from the frontline call taker and dispatch to the Executive Director, can use when preparing themselves to enter the arena and dare greatly to level up (or out) in their professional careers.

FCC Regulatory Update

Senior officials from the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau provided updates on agency regulations impacting 9-1-1, including public safety spectrum, location-based routing, 9-1-1 location accuracy, network resiliency, and outage reporting.

Harmonizing Deployable Trunking for Interoperability

Wednesday, August 9, 2023 | 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Charles V. Bryson, NRPC Chair & State of Maryland Dep’t of Info Technology; Michael Baltrotsky, Montgomery County, MD Fire & Rescue Service; David Buchanan; Wes Rogers; Donald Root, APCO International With 800 MHz trunking being adopted by public safety agencies in the late 1980s and early […]

APCO 2023: Second General Business Session

APCO International’s new second vice president is Mark Spross of the Oregon chapter, selected by the assembled membership at the second General Business Session of APCO 2024 held Tuesday in Nashville, Tennessee.

APCO 2023: Distinguished Achievers Breakfast

APCO 2023’s Distinguished Achievers Breakfast recognized APCO members and contributors on Tuesday, and the Nashville, Tennessee, Music City Center audience heard from Olympic gymnast and business owner Dominique Dawes about the value of setting aside one’s ego.

Elevating & Empowering Female Leaders To Rise

Kimberly Miller, a licensed police & public safety psychologist with 20 years’ experience in police and public safety psychology, explained Tuesday how to recognize and overcome the behaviors holding women (and men) back in the ECC.