APCO 2023: Connect & Celebrate Dinner

APCO 2023 came to a close at the Connect & Celebrate Dinner in Nashville, Tennessee, where attendees were greeted with music from Michael Andrew and the Swingerhead Band. Once attendees got settled, outgoing President Angela Batey took the podium to thank everyone and followed that with presenting the 2023 APCO International President’s Award to Mrs. Kathy Poarch, wife of APCO CEO Derek Poarch. “Kathy has been a steadfast partner, walking side by side with Derek for his entire time at APCO,” said President Batey. “She has been his confidant, his refuge, and his northern star. Now that his time as our CEO is drawing to an end, I could not let the opportunity to show our appreciation slip by.”

Batey continued to recap the past year, including the search for the association’s new Executive Director. “In January, we embarked on the most difficult task I have faced as a member of APCO – finding a successor to our incredible Executive Director and CEO, Mr. Derek Poarch,” she said. “We knew this would never be an easy job, but I am confident that our new Executive Director, Mr. Mel Maier, who I introduced on Monday, will continue to foster the culture of excellence and service that have been hallmarks of Derek’s tenure.”

Following, Batey swore in the new Board of Directors, and Past President Jason Kern swore in the new Executive Committee. The 2022-2023 Executive Committee is Immediate Past President Angela Batey, Second Vice President Mark Spross, First Vice President Steve Martini and President Becky Neugent.

Incoming President Becky Neugent took the podium to lay out her plan for the coming year and recognized the struggles members have been facing the past few years with a message of hope on the horizon. “Each day is a chance for a new beginning, a newfound strength, a new hope, a positive new thought, and a new chance to take a deep breath and start over. While we understand it isn’t easy, it is possible if we do it together.”

With APCO business concluded, members were treated to the comedy of Jeff Allen who, in addition to a live stage act, has appeared on Dry Bar Comedy, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showtime & Comedy Central to name a few. Allen had the audience rolling with laughter as he recounted stories about his wife.