Quality Assurance for Training Coordinators and EMD Managers

Wednesday, August 9, 2023 | 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Dorothy Cave, APCO International

This session provided an overview of the tiles housed in Training Central and explained how they can assist and why they are an asset to the Training Coordinator and EMD Manager. When we talk about quality assurance, we are not just listening to calls but taking a holistic look at the entire training program. The tiles mentioned are tools, but the TC, EM, or QA Manager must review the program when reviewing calls, dispatch, and at times, responders.

APCO provides training coordinators and EMD managers with various tools to ensure their agency and staff comply with state and APCO training requirements. This session gave the training coordinators a better understanding of the APCO Training Central site, how to maneuver through the site, what information is automatically populated, and what the staff member or training coordinator can upload. Access to the My Agency Training tile allows the TC to review each staff member who has completed training. This training may be APCO training, where the student receives a certificate from APCO. It will also show any training uploaded by the staff member or the TC, such as CPR, Illuminations, PSC Magazine article quiz certificate, agency-specific training, etc.

The speaker also provided an overview of the new My Agency EMD Program. This tile is for APCO EMD agencies; it provides information on staff showing current, expired, and even those on your agency profile that are not EMD certified. These tiles and the information housed in each assist the TC and EM to remain compliant and ensure they have the information needed when reviewing staff training records.

Submitted by Dorothy Cave