The Telecommunicators Are Out There

In this challenging hiring environment, managers have become focused on how to fine-tune their recruitment process to attract the highest caliber employee.

Lives of Others

[Originally published in the March/April 2024 PSC magazine.] Bringing family or friends to the workplace can open their eyes to the pressures experienced by public safety telecommunications. By Sherianne Hermes Upon returning home from my shift, my husband asks about my day and why I needed to work last-minute overtime today to cover a sick […]

Dispatching in the Drone Zones

Drones, also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), have emerged as increasingly valuable tools for first responders, revolutionizing how emergency personnel approach critical situations by being able to provide real-time aerial insights and capabilities that were once difficult or impossible to attain.

Unauthorized Interruption

It is a growing trend across the United States. Individuals video government buildings and employees, and the bloggers or auditors identify themselves as First Amendment Auditors.

Meet the Hosts: The Tennessee APCO Chapter

By Jennifer Schwendimann

The Tennessee APCO Chapter was started in July 1970, according to the original constitution and by-laws, and in 2023 is excited to showcase some of what our state has to offer while serving as host chapter for the APCO International conference.

Why We Leave 9-1-1

What about those who can master the skillset needed but leave anyway? Why do they leave?

When 9-1-1 Happens to You

While public safety telecommunicators’ exposure to others’ trauma is part of the profession, the chance of experiencing a personal tragedy during a telecommunicator’s career is also a reality.

Chatbot 9-1-1

One technology being considered is chatbots — or bots — for non-emergency calls and for assistance during significant events.

Swatting: A Deadly Trend

Swatting is a prank call made to an ECC intending to have an emergency response team dispatched to a particular location. The dangerous pranks are a risk to first responders and the public, but there are warning signs telecommunicators can look out for.

Overcoming Adversity in Public Safety Communications

A global pandemic and one of the tightest job markets in history have left ECCs much like the Continental Army — underfunded, understaffed and facing seemingly overwhelming challenges that threaten their chances for success. It is times like these that call for bold thinking and unwavering leadership.