Meet the Hosts: The Tennessee APCO Chapter

[Originally published in the July/August 2023 PSC magazine.]


By Jennifer Schwendimann

The Tennessee APCO Chapter was started in July 1970, according to the original constitution and by-laws, and in 2023 is excited to showcase some of what our state has to offer while serving as host chapter for the APCO International conference.

Over the past 50 years, the Tennessee APCO Chapter has continued to grow and develop. The current membership is 1,300 members. Since 1999, the chapter has had 10 different chapter presidents. Two past chapter presidents now serve as the Gulf Coast Regional Representative for APCO International and 2nd vice president for the APCO International Executive Committee.

One of the Tennessee APCO Chapter initiatives that stands out is the Registered Public-Safety Leader scholarship program. This program provides full scholarships for the yearlong RPL course. It has allowed the chapter to truly invest in the professional development of its members. So far, the chapter has awarded 30 full scholarships to its members since its inception in 2018.

The Tennessee APCO Chapter continues to work to improve and serve its members and the 9-1-1 industry. We do so through committee work, training and volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer sign-ups for the conference opened on April 3. In less than eight hours from opening the sign-up site, volunteers filled 303 available slots.

Tennessee APCO Chapter Leaders

Christopher Burst

First Vice President
Patrice Coleman, ENP, RPL

Second Vice President
Jared Pelham, ENP, RPL

Shauna Atchison, ENP, RPL

Katherine Burridge, RPL

Kelly Kelley

Immediate Past President, Executive Council Representative
Jennifer Schwendimann, RPL

Member-at-Large/AFC Local Advisor
Jesse Griggs

Denise Walsh, RPL