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pdf 11014 2022 MissingExploitedChildren

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Download (pdf, 589 KB)

11014-2022-Responding to Missing, Abducted and Sexually Exploited Children.pdf

pdf 11023-2020 ECC Service Capability Criteria Rating Scale

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Download (pdf, 910 KB)

APCO-NENA-11023-2020_ECC Service Capability Criteria Rating Scale.pdf

pdf 11033-2022 Wireless 911 Deployment and Management Effective Practices Guide

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Download (pdf, 756 KB)

11033-2022-Wireless 9-1-1 Deployment and Management Effective Practices.pdf

pdf 11033-202X Candidate Wireless 911 Deployment and Management Effective Practices Guide

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Download (pdf, 861 KB)

11033-202X-Wireless 911DeploymentAndManagementEffectivePracticesGuide-candidate.pdf

pdf 11042-2017 Common Channel Naming Document

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Download (pdf, 1.82 MB)


pdf 11051-2015 TERT

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Download (pdf, 1.70 MB)


pdf 11071-2015 AQI

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Download (pdf, 2.28 MB)


pdf 11081-2018 TTY

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Download (pdf, 760 KB)


pdf 11101-2015 MultiFunctional MultiDiscipline CAD

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Download (pdf, 10.00 MB)


pdf 11112-2018 PSC Common Disposition Codes for Data Exchange

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Download (pdf, 1002 KB)


pdf 11122-2020 Social Media Best Practices

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Download (pdf, 362 KB)

11122-2020-Best Practices Social Media in Public Safety Communications.pdf

pdf 11131-2018 Incident Handling Process

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Download (pdf, 1.31 MB)


pdf 11132 202X Candidate PSC Incident Handling Process

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Download (pdf, 1.22 MB)


pdf 11141-2017 Telematics

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Download (pdf, 1.49 MB)


pdf 11151-2018 Core Competencies, Operational Factors and Training for NextGen Technologies in Public Safety Communications

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Download (pdf, 650 KB)

11151-2018-Next Generation Technologies in Public Safety Communications.pdf

pdf 11162-2020 Common Status Codes For Data Exchange

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Download (pdf, 378 KB)

11162-2020-PSC Common Status Codes for Data Exchange.pdf

pdf 11171-2019 KPI Comm Center

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Download (pdf, 503 KB)


pdf 11181-2020 KPI personnel

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Download (pdf, 769 KB)

11181-2020-Key Performance Indicators for Public Safety Communications Personnel.pdf

pdf 11191-2021 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

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Download (pdf, 526 KB)


pdf 11201 2021 CIT and Call Handling

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Download (pdf, 560 KB)

11201-2021-Crisis Intervention Techniques-Call Handling Procedures.pdf