More Information than You Ever Wanted about Fixing the Federal Classification of 9-1-1 Professionals

For all the complexity of our campaign to fix an obscure federal data system, it really boils down to the fact that 9-1-1 professionals perform lifesaving work, and labeling them as “administrative” personnel is ridiculous.
The 9-1-1 SAVES Act has been reintroduced. You might be asking members of Congress to co-sponsor the bill and explaining why congressional action is needed. Thus, it’s time for a deep dive on correcting the federal classification of 9-1-1 professionals. Even for those who have been following the issue closely, there’s likely new information here that will be of interest.

Standing Up, Standing Behind the 9-1-1 SAVES Act

My fellow Atlantic Chapter of APCO member Tim Cunningham and I were honored to have been invited to literally stand behind Rep. Norma J. Torres (CA-D-34) and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-R-1) along with other members of the 9-1-1 community as they gave their remarks during the introduction  ceremony for H.R. 6319 9-1-1 SAVES Act.

APCO Welcomes Reintroduction of the 9‑1‑1 SAVES Act

Today, Congresswoman Norma Torres (CA) and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), along with several of their colleagues, reintroduced the Supporting Accurate Views of Emergency Services Act of 2023, or the “9-1-1 SAVES Act.”

APCO 2023: Second General Business Session

APCO International’s new second vice president is Mark Spross of the Oregon chapter, selected by the assembled membership at the second General Business Session of APCO 2024 held Tuesday in Nashville, Tennessee.

Legislative and Regulatory Issues Impacting APCO Members

APCO’s Government Relations team provided an overview of some of APCO’s top advocacy priorities. The presentation featured updates on the progress of important legislative issues, such as securing federal funding for Next Generation 9-1-1, establishing health and wellness resources for 9-1-1 professionals, and APCO’s efforts to reclassify public safety telecommunicators at the federal level.

APCO’s 2023 Advocacy Priorities (with one-pagers of talking points)

During the prior session of Congress, APCO made substantial progress on its legislative goals, including coming closer than ever to securing significant federal funding for Next Generation 9‑1‑1. With the start of a new Congress, legislation APCO had been championing will need to be reintroduced, and we’ll seek to build upon the momentum to get these bills passed into law. This blog describes APCO’s legislative priorities, APCO’s efforts, and next steps.

Talking Points for APCO’s Legislative Priorities

APCO members often contact us to ask for talking points to prepare for meetings with their U.S. Senators and Representatives. Having accurate talking points to speak from – or leave with the congressional staffers you meet with – can ensure that you use your meeting time efficiently and are prepared to answer key questions about the issues. Following up on the blog describing APCO’s advocacy priorities for 2022, here are talking points for our top legislative issues: 1) securing federal funding for Next Generation 9-1-1; 2) correcting the federal classification of public safety telecommunicators; and 3) funding health and wellness programs for 9-1-1 professionals.