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pdf 2020 Virtual Conference Presentation

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pdf 2020 Virtual Conference Presentation

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pdf 4-9GHz Basic Regulatory Overview July 2010

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pdf 4.9 GHz Basic Regulatory Overview July 2010

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49GHzBasicRegulatoryOverviewJuly2010 (1).pdf

pdf 6 GHz Technical Bulletin 9 1 2022

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6 GHz Technical Bulletin 9.1.2022.pdf

The purpose of this Technical Bulletin is to advise public safety agencies operating 6 GHz point-to-point microwave systems of the importance of managing/archiving baseline performance measurements in preparation for expected harmful interference that may be caused by new unlicensed operations in the band and to update those measurements on an as needed basis. Baseline measurements document current system operating parameters/measurements in advance so that future operating parameters can be compared to the archived operating parameters in the event of a degradation of system performance.

pdf 700 MHz Band Plan

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pdf 800 MHz Revised Channel Plan

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pdf Adjunct Instructor Application

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pdf AFC regions map

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pdf Agency Instructor Application

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pdf Agency Instructor Certificate Requirements

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pdf Agency Instructor Upgrade

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pdf Annual Report 2022

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pdf APCO 700Mhz Template Filing Slides v6

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pdf APCO Career Services Brochure

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pdf APCO First Convention Minutes

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pdf APCO Historical Committee Primer

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pdf APCO Historical Committee Primer

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pdf APCO Institute Training Prices July 1 2023

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pdf APCO Member Alert On Improving Wireless Location Accuracy

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