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 APCO Institute Online conducts courses via the Internet, using programs such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. Since the courses are available on web pages, they are accessible from any computer that has Internet access, whether at work, home, or a public place such as a library. The courses have the added convenience of 24-hour accessibility, making them ideal for shift-working PSAP employees.

Students and instructors see all responses to the assignments and to each other, enhancing the learning experience. Students have the opportunity to gather information from small, large or combined PSAPS. Institute Online assignments are posted weekly so students and instructors have ample time to absorb and respond to the information presented.

Training costs are greatly reduced since travel and lodging expenses are not incurred. APCO Institute tuition includes textbooks and other materials, and current APCO International members receive a tuition discount.


Try our interactive demonstration where you can post messages and read sample assignments. Create an account and logon to the classroom site using your account. Select the Demo class from the list of classes. The class enrollment key is student

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Interactive Demo (see above for instructions)

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