The following disciplines require recertification every two years, based on your specific certification expiration dates. Recertification is not required for any disciplines not listed on this page. For specific recertification requirements, please reference the discipline.

Learn more about the recertification process.
Please note: As of January 1, 2018, the recertification process for all APCO Institute courses must be completed online. Paper recertification forms are no longer accepted. 

Recertification Requirements


Follow these steps once you have fulfilled the above requirements.
  1. Go to Training Central
  2. Click on “My Classes Taken” (Student) or “My Classes Instructed” (Instructor)
    • Add/upload CDEs, teaching/instructing hours, quiz certificates, or CPR/EMT/paramedic cards
  3. Go back to Training Central and click on “My Recertifications
  4. If all requirements are checked off, click on the “Recertifybutton
  5. Click on “Continue Recertification Process”.
  6. Move forward to the next screen and you will be taken to the shopping cart
  7. Follow all directions on the screen for the checkout process

Did you know that you can register for CDE courses, track your training and recertify online using APCO’s Training Central. All your training information, all in one place, and accessible 24/7.