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Instructor Techniques Enrichment Course

A refresher for instructors.

The APCO Instructor Techniques Enrichment course is designed to bring APCO agency instructors up to date with the latest tools and resources provided by the new Instructor Techniques, 2nd Edition Course. It is ideal for instructors seeking continuing education through a refresher and enhancement course.

For instructors who trained in the first edition of the instructor course, the enrichment course provides an overview of what’s new and what’s changed between the two editions. The class provides a host of tools and resources with in-depth coverage of topics of current interest.


  • Expanded discussion of the learning process and learning theories
  • Updated Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Generational differences among learners
  • The role of the instructor within the training program: program context
  • Classroom management
  • Achieving deeper learning
  • Expanded discussion of learning objectives
  • Expanded discussion of lesson plans (and planning)
  • Fostering student engagement

In addition to the new topics, existing sections have been rewritten, revised and updated on many points. Students will independently review the updates and enhancements and then complete a knowledge check based on the new material. A minimum test score of 80 percent is required to pass the course.




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Full and Commercial Members

Online 3 weeks $75 $75