Active Shooter Incidents for Public Safety Communications

Active shooter incidents and the response to them pose several unique concerns for all facets of public safety including public safety communications. Many issues make responding to an active shooter incident more difficult than other armed subject calls or violent in-progress incidents. These types of incidents historically have garnered extensive media coverage and public scrutiny and have become a pertinent threat to public safety. As with any other type of emergency situation, the telecommunicator plays a vital role in the response to active shooter incidents.

As the providers of communications capabilities and responder safety, telecommunicators should be aware of the unique challenges posed by active shooter incidents and be prepared to address them well in advance.

This course helps to educate telecommunicators about the many intricate issues and challenges posed by active shooter incidents and their response and the role the telecommunicator plays in each.


CDEs Earned: 8


Students should have successfully completed a formal, basic 40-hour telecommunicator training program.



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