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Training & Certification

Industry-leading training developed by industry leaders.

We Are Here to Help

While live instructional courses are not an option at this point, we continue to have virtual options for ongoing training needs to help keep your communications center functioning and well trained. For your convenience, we are providing a review of the online resources and training options that APCO Institute offers so that personnel at all emergency communication centers can continue to receive vital training, accessible from the safety of their current locations.

Online Training Resources

Automated Prerequisite Review

Now when you register for an APCO Institute course online, an automated prerequisite review will verify that you have met all the requirements necessary to be eligible to take that course. If you do not meet all the requirements, the newly added, user-friendly feature will advise you on what you need to do to become eligible. This will streamline the registration process for you, saving valuable time and effort.

The APCO Institute provides affordable training, certification and resources for public safety communications professionals at all levels.

Manage Your Training Records Online

APCO’s Training Central is an online resource that stores all of your CDE and recertification information in one place for easy viewing and retrieval. The site automatically keeps training records for most APCO courses you’ve taken, and also allows you to upload your records and certificates from other training sources. Need to recertify? Track your agency’s training activities? Training Central can do that, too.

About APCO Institute

The APCO Institute is overseen, managed and operated by industry experts with years of experience. Through our membership, we stay current with industry issues, needs and standards. Because our members all work in their respective communications agencies each day, their needs and concerns drive the activity of APCO Institute.