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APCO Project RETAINS Toolkit 2.0

The Toolkit 2.0 has expanded functionalities and capabilities, but still retains the reliable information from the previous version of the toolkit. There are still three tools in the toolkit: staffing, retention and the employee satisfaction survey. In addition, the toolkit now boasts a Report Generation functionality where you can create a customized report detailing estimated staffing needs. Some of the new features of the toolkit include the inclusion of the dispatcher guidelines functions within the staffing tool. This capability will generate a report based upon information provided by the user and compare it to data collected in the RETAINS Next Generation study. This tool is intended to help educate and be used as a starting point when considering dispatcher staffing levels and workload.

Another new capability of the toolkit is the ability to generate a comprehensive report within the staffing tool. The summary report of current and future staffing needs from the previous version of the toolkit will now be included in a Summary Report that will be customized based upon the information selected by the user. This report can be augmented by including a user written narrative to explain the dynamics of the center, job descriptions and more. The report includes a cover page with the APCO International and Project RETAINS logo, and can be customized with an agency logo.

Information and processes have been streamlined for better understanding and ease of use. The Retention Tool report was updated with information from the RETAINS NG report and the Employee Satisfaction Survey has more user-friendly capabilities.

In order to continue to offer this valuable tool to APCO members and the public safety communications profession as a whole, the RETAINS Toolkit 2.0 will operate on a subscription basis. This will provide self-sustainability for the toolkit to continue and fund future upgrades to the system. Subscriptions will be for one year from the date of purchase with the following rates:

$50 for APCO Members
$100 for non-APCO members

Subscriptions can be purchased online.

For questions regarding the toolkit, please email