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Project 43

View this presentation from APCO's 2017 Annual Conference for an overview that highlight key findings and recommendations from the Project 43report.

Broadband Implications for the PSAP

APCO launched Project 43, Broadband Implications for the PSAP, in April of 2016. The goal of Project 43 is to help public safety telecommunicators, PSAPs, PSAP directors, 9-1-1 authorities, elected and appointed officials, and others in the public safety community better leverage existing technology capabilities and prepare for the evolving broadband communications technologies that will impact PSAP operations and, at the same time, improve support to field responders.

The Project 43 initiative involves:

  • Promoting public awareness
  • Providing public policy input
  • Developing and disseminating educational material
  • Providing technical research
  • Supporting the development of standards

Report on Broadband Implications for the PSAP

This report is the outgrowth of the work of nearly 80 member practitioners assisted by APCO professional staff arrayed across several working groups focused on the following major topical areas: operations, governance, cybersecurity, technology, training, and workforce. Each working group consisted of experienced public safety and industry professionals who met regularly over the course of a year.

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