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Your industry-recognized resource for public safety communications services and information

APCO supports agencies grappling with the industry's toughest issues by:

  • Delivering information about critical issues such as wireless 9-1-1, staffing and retention, and the impact of emerging technologies
  • Engaging in the latest research to find common solutions
  • Offering services to help organizations build and assess their capabilities
  • Developing standards and effective practices
  • Participating in numerous committees, partnerships and government initiatives


  • New: APCO Consulting Services
    An unbiased, vendor neutral, comprehensive professional review of agency and organizational emergency communications needs and programs. APCO Consulting Services can deliver operational and technical insights to PSAPs and agencies looking to improve their operations, organization and technological capabilities.


APCO offers resources on a wide array of topics, including:


APCO also supports public safety communications agencies and organizations through:

Standards Development
As an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited Standards Developer (ASD), APCO International is dedicated to ensuring public safety communications has a role in the development of standards that affect our industry.

P33 Training Program Certification
The APCO Project 33 Agency Training Program Certification is a formal mechanism for public safety agencies to certify their training programs as meeting APCO American National Standards (ANS).  

Public Safety Communications Representation
APCO is the industry's voice within various organizations and branches of government including FCC, DHS, NENA, NIST, ATIS/ESIF, IJIS Institute, CSAA, CALEA, NFPA, ANSI Standards Panels and more.

Public Safety Communications Programs/Partnerships
APCO takes an active role in numerous programs and partnerships with other industry organizations.


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