Faster response times, the effective use of limited resources and increased first responder/community safety are universally outcomes we all aspire to. What fuels these outcomes is the ability to know what is happening and act in real-time. The challenge is that current CAD systems unable to harness this critical real-time data and make it immediately usable.

Something new is needed to meet the needs of modern dispatch organizations. What is needed is a real-time operations platform, which combines modernized dispatch, integrated real-time situational awareness and unified communications. During this session, Josh Pepper – Axon’s VP of Product, will walk you through the learnings we’ve gathered, share the components of real-time operations platform is and how it such a system can help deliver the outcomes public safety agencies need.

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By attending this session, you’ll learn:

  • What public safety challenges we uncovered in our years of analysis
  • Why current CAD systems struggle to address these challenges
  • What a real-time operations platform is
  • How such a platform can help you achieve your desired outcomes

Josh Pepper, VP of Product, Real-Time Operations, Axon