Uptime and availability are of vital importance to 9-1-1. Understanding the threats and potential hazards targeting a PSAP network is only half the battle. Aligning the technology and infrastructure to support and secure call-handling and Next Generation operational initiatives needs to be considered. But what does that look like?

Hamilton NG911 and APCO International are hosting an in-depth discussion designed to help the emergency service sector better secure their digital operations. Because every second counts, ensuring those seconds are as reliable as possible is vital.

Key talking points include:

  • Common network threats
  • What 24x7x365 monitoring looks like
  • Case studies from the 9-1-1 sector
  • Steps ECCs can take to strengthen infrastructure
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Presenter: Rob Leonard, Information Security Manager for Hamilton NG911

With 21+ years of experience in the IT field, Rob is responsible for monitoring and securing the company’s internal network and works closely with other businesses to provide security for their networks and buildings. Overseeing cybersecurity and the implementation of risk controls, Rob is responsible for ensuring the physical and network security of all of Hamilton’s internal networks through employee training, monitoring, implementation of risk mitigation controls, risk analytics and the implementation of critical software solutions to enhance the maturity of Hamilton’s security posture.

Rob currently serves on multiple national security groups focused on federal cybersecurity efforts. Rob served nine years in the United States Army as a Cavalry Scout and served overseas in combat operations in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom in 2010-2011.