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Emergency communication centers are on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic and are dealing with unprecedented challenges. There is no hard, fast playbook, and that makes information sharing more important than ever. We invite you to attend this brief interactive Q&A session with 9-1-1 center Leaders from San Francisco Dept. of Emergency Services, City of New Orleans Parish Communication District and Miami-Dade Police Department. You’ll hear about their journeys and what steps they’re taking to protect telecommunicators and help them deal with added stress, how they’re coping with higher call volumes, what protocols and screening questions they’re using, what has worked and what hasn’t, and what they’re planning next.


Tyrell Morris, Executive Director, City of New Orleans Parish Communications District

Deborah Wesolowski, Police Communications Coordinator, Miami Dade Police Department

Robert Smuts, Deputy Director, San Francisco Department of Emergency Management

Kathi Yost, Director of Communications at Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Houston, Texas

Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE Public Safety