Prerequisites: Formal, Instructor-led 40-hour basic telecommunicator, CTO course, and a 24-hour CCS course (or working knowledge of APCO ANS, APCO ANS 3.104.2-2017, and APCO ANS 3.102.2-2017). If not APCO certified, provide a signed letter on agency letterhead stating pre-requisites are met.

The APCO Institute’s Communications Center Manager, 1st Ed. course provides training designed specifically focused on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for candidates to successfully move into the role of Communication Center Manager or Director.

Students should have access to their agency’s policies and procedures as a resource to use in class.

Please visit our Standards webpage to review current standards required for this course.

Topics include:

  • The Comm Center Manager and the Agency
  • The Comm Center Manager on the Job
    • The Workplace Context
    • The Key Professional Knowledge and Skills
  • Managing People and Talent within the Workplace
  • Managing ECC Operations and Administration
  • Managing Initiatives and Projects
  • Managing ECC Performance and Quality Control
    • Liability Issues and Risk Management

Classroom instruction is supplemented by practical exercises that help students apply the lessons to their own agency policies and procedures. Students not only learn management skills, but they also learn about positioning their agency in the public arena, building support with key stakeholders, both internal and external, and understanding how performance accountability applies to them individually as well as collectively for the agencies they lead.

CDEs Earned: 24

Recertification Requirements:
APCO certified CCMs must provide proof every two years of 24 hours (12 hours per certification year) of Continuing Dispatch Education (CDE). Complete information on the recertification process is provided at the conclusion of the Communications Center Manager, 1st Ed, course. Recertification requires ongoing continuing education.


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