East Shore Radio Network (ESRN), located near Chicago, needed a replacement
solution for its TELCO leased lines to combat rising usage costs that had reached
$84,000/year. What’s more, support for the leased copper circuits had dwindled as
telephone companies phased out the difficult-to-maintain lines. The East Shore area
stretching 2 counties and 6 cities relied on ESRN for their emergency and public
safety communications. The network consisted of 12 radio sites connected to a
dispatch site.

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This webinar discusses the challenges and lessons learned by ESRN during their
network migration from copper to Ethernet and will be relevant to all radio network
users of analog, MPT1327 and P25 Phase 1 technologies.

William Jeske, Sales Engineer.
William Jeske has over 15 years of experience in the industrial communications
industry including eight years in the field of electronic communications repair. He
is a Sales Engineer at TC Communications specializing in critical communications
and network design in public safety applications.