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International Chapters and Affiliates

APCO International has chapters and affiliates around the globe!  Are you interested in developing a chapter in your country or region?  The following are requirements to submit a chapter proposal:

In order to submit a chapter proposal, 10 individuals working and/or living in the geographic boundaries of the proposed charter must be active members of APCO International.  Not a member yet?  Sign up now.

  • If the chapter proposal includes a region (several countries), 6 individuals working and/or living in each country must be active members of APCO International.
  • Each chapter must have a Constitution and/or Bylaws which must be regularly maintained. 
  • Chapters must have “APCO” in their name.
  • Chapters must have two meetings per year and prepare minutes.
  • Each chapter will have representation on the Executive Council.  Each chapter must vote on their representative and then notify APCO headquarters.

For further information or inquiries about international chapters, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


APCO International has three affiliates: British APCO, APCO Australasia and APCO Canada.  Each affiliate is an independent organization with its own governing documents, board of officers and events.  To learn more about each affiliate, please click on the name below.

British APCO www.bapco.org.uk

APCO Australasia www.apcoaust.com.au

APCO Canada www.apco.ca


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