How is the CPE Program different than the Registered Public-Safety Leader (RPL) Program? How many applicants will be accepted?

Enrollment for the CPE Program is capped at 20.

The RPL Program focuses on the skills needed to manage people and small teams. The CPE Program is focused on the skills and attributes necessary to lead organizations. For further clarification, see this comparison of curriculum topics between the two programs.

Additionally, RPL graduates must be recertified every four years. There are no recertification requirements for graduates of the CPE program.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a $250 application fee. The fee will be deducted from tuition for successful applicants. Those not accepted to the program will receive a full refund.

Are there costs for textbooks or other course materials?

Tuition for the CPE Program is $3,885/person , which includes all course materials. The only additional expenses for the program are for travel, food and lodging for the capstone course, CPE 303.

What about travel, lodging and food for the capstone course?

APCO International reserves blocks of rooms at select hotels at negotiated reduced rates, typically ranging from $96 to $115 (plus tax). We book at locations within five minute’s drive to our headquarters. Information on the block reservation goes out three months before the capstone seminar and rooms are held up to roughly three weeks prior to the seminar. The recommended per diem for meals and incidental is $60/day. Roundtrip airfare is estimated at $500/person.

Several airports serve the greater Daytona area:

What is the total estimated cost for the program, all inclusive?
Tuition $3,885
Airfare (estimated, round trip) $500
Lodging $1,200 – $1,400
(includes tax)
11 nights; rates vary seasonally
Food $333 11 days @ $30/day
Incidentals $333 11 days @ $30/day
Total (estimated) $6,178
If I apply and am not accepted, can I apply again in the future?

Yes. Unsuccessful applicants who meet the admission criteria may apply in the future.

Is there a waiting list for the program?

Yes. Wait-listed students will be considered first for the next iteration of the program.