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Illuminations CDE Programs

CTO Illuminations

The CTO Illuminations Program provides at-your-desk continuing education for agency CTOs, trainers and other interested individuals. The program is offered as an annual subscription-based service and includes four online courses per year – taught quarterly by APCO Institute adjunct instructors. Courses delve into topics of specific interest to CTOs and others with training responsibilities. They can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. Topic selections change each year.

A new course begins every three months and must be completed within 90 days, prior to the beginning of the next course. Participants earn three CDEs for each course, for a total of 12 CDEs per subscription year. Participants must submit copies of CTO Illuminations certificates of completion to the Institute to receive CDEs.

APCO also offers General Illuminations and EMD Illuminations, each of which features a different series of topics.

CTO Illuminations for 2020

Topics are subject to change.

Starting Positive
When new personnel begin their training, the CTO is often their first point of contact. This session will focus on ways to introduce the new employee to this amazing profession in a positive manner. Additionally, this session offers suggestions for creating a positive learning environment for the trainee, including acceptance as part of the team and ways to reduce hazing and bullying.
Often, CTOs express concern regarding the trainee's ability to retain new information. When the trainee is overwhelmed by the volume of information, the CTO must be ready to provide a guiding hand. This session will look at how the CTO can aid in information retention, whether it is taking notes, providing repetition, or the gamification of learning.
Am I Training to Meet Industry Standards?
This session will focus on a review of local, state and national public safety communications training standards and training program certifications. Recommendations to help ensure standards compliance will be discussed.
If It Isn’t In Writing, It Didn’t Happen
Maintaining accurate and complete records from the hiring process through the release from the training program are essential for reducing liability. This session will review the importance of documenting test results, schedules, attendance records and performance evaluations. Various means of documenting and maintaining these records will be discussed.

Annual Subscription

$119 non-member
$109 APCO member
$99 per person (group of 26-50 registrants)
$89 per person (group of 51+ registrants)

Purchase Illuminations

  • Go to the CTO Illuminations registration page, where you will see a list of courses by date.
  • Select the date of the CTO Illuminations you want to take.
  • Click Register next to that topic and month.
  • Follow the instructions to complete registration for the CTO track.

You will be subscribed to CTO Illuminations for 12 months, to include four quarterly online courses, starting with the month and topic you selected.