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APCO Institute is the leading education provider for public safety communications.
As your career grows, APCO’s educational opportunities grow with you. APCO Institute is the place for real world training you can instantly implement in your daily duties or prepare for future responsibilities.


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APCO Institute Online

APCO Institute is the premier provider of distance learning for public safety communications personnel worldwide. The Institute has helped thousands of comm center employees reach their educational goals through the convenience of its distance learning option. Online classes are accessible from any computer that has Internet access, whether at work, home, or a public place such as a library. Distance learning provides the convenience of 24-hour accessibility, making them ideal for shift-working employees. All courses are led by expert instructors from the APCO Institute Adjunct Instructor Corp.

Co-Host Classes

As a co-host agency, you know what training is needed in your area. By hosting a class, the training that is needed in your area can be delivered to your door. The local co-host also adds “local flavor” to the presentation by providing a familiar classroom site in familiar surroundings. Local co-hosts assist us with contacting interested agencies, locating accommodations for out-of-town students and instructors, and acting as the local contact for those who have questions about the area. APCO Institute provides one free complimentary registration for the class that you co-host! You may choose to co-host any of our APCO courses.

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Contract Classes

APCO Institute also offers agencies the option of contracting any of our classes. This allows any agency to schedule the class for their staff in-house. This option is also perfect for chapter conferences and agencies that have a considerable number of employees that can attend the training at the same time.

APCO Institute Leadership Certificate Program

This comprehensive 12-month online program leads to the professional designation of Registered Public-Safety Leader (RPL). RPL recipients receive a certificate of acceptance into the APCO Institute Registry of Public Safety Leaders, a prestigious acknowledgement of excellence within our industry. Through APCO Institute and the American Management Association’s e-learning provider, you’ll learn how to:

  • Communicate with authority
  • Build and manage high-performance teams
  • Break down barriers to solid interpersonal negotiations
  • Enhance team performance
  • Lead with confidence and integrity

The APCO Institute Leadership Certificate Program in offered quarterly.

For more information about the Leadership Certificate Program (RPL) click here.

Operational Support Products

9-1-1 Adviser
All-in-one, customizable emergency response software includes law enforcement, fire department, and EMS response modules 911adviser.com

Choose fire, EMS, or law enforcement cards that front-line telecommunicators can use to perform their duties quickly and effectively.

About APCO Institute

The APCO Institute is overseen, managed and operated by industry experts with years of experience. Through our membership, we stay current with industry issues, needs and standards. Because our members all work in their respective communications agencies each day, their needs and concerns drive the activity of APCO Institute.

At the APCO Institute you will find something for everyone in your communications function, from front-line basic training to supervisory and management tools and certification. By becoming a part of the APCO Institute family you will be making decisions for tomorrow, not just for today.


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