APCO Statement Concerning 9-1-1 Outages

Interruptions to the public’s ability to reach 9-1-1 are a serious concern. As a practice, APCO does not comment on specific outages until we are confident that the causes are fully understood, but here’s what we know about outages in general. 

APCO and NENA Meet with U.S. Speaker of the House and Other Elected Officials

APCO Board Member Jack Varnado and Chief Counsel Jeff Cohen joined NENA representatives and other state and local 9-1-1 and law enforcement officials to meet with House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson, Senator Bill Cassidy, and staff for Senators John Kennedy and Ted Budd to discuss key legislative priorities for 9-1-1.

Coalition Welcomes Support from Former FCC Chairs

The Public Safety Next Generation 9-1-1 Coalition welcomes the joint letter released today from former chairs of the Federal Communications Commission urging congressional leadership to pass legislation to support the nationwide transition to NG9-1-1.