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Standards Review & Comment

As a leading public safety communications standards development organization, APCO establishes standards that are crafted by subject matter experts like you. The standards development process that APCO adheres to is a consensus-based, open and equitable balanced process. It is an excellent networking experience and a unique opportunity to enhance your professional development.


  • Ensure interoperability, cost-effectiveness and innovation
  • Leverage connectivity and data sharing
  • Create a common language
  • Establish performance benchmarks and core competencies
  • Identify best practices

You can be part of the team that makes this happen.  Join today.

Standards Review and Comment

As an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer and in an effort to maintain an open process, APCO is required to publish draft candidate standards for public review and comment. Any person (organization, company, government agency, individual, etc.) with a direct and material interest has a right to participate by:

  • Expressing a position and its basis
  • Having that position considered, and
  • Having the right to appeal.

The following standards are available for review and comment:

There are currently no standards available for review and comment. 


For questions regarding APCO Standards, please email: or contact the Standards Program Manager at (571) 289-7402.

Please continue to check this page for further updates. If you are aware of any current standards activities that may impact public safety communications, please email information to

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