Standards Call to Action

As a leading public safety communications standards development organization, APCO establishes standards that are crafted by subject matter experts like you. The standards development process that APCO adheres to is a consensus-based, open and equitable balanced process. It is an excellent networking experience and a unique opportunity to enhance your professional development.


  • Ensure interoperability, cost-effectiveness and innovation
  • Leverage connectivity and data sharing
  • Create a common language
  • Establish performance benchmarks and core competencies
  • Identify best practices

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Standards Review and Comment

As an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer and in an effort to maintain an open process, APCO is required to publish draft candidate standards for public review and comment. Any person (organization, company, government agency, individual, etc.) with a direct and material interest has a right to participate by:

  • Expressing a position and its basis
  • Having that position considered, and
  • Having the right to appeal.
Standards Currently Open for Review and Comment
  • Candidate American National Standard (ANS) 1.1113.1-201x Incident Handling Process Standard
    This standard defines the recommended minimum steps and decision-making processes for the handling of public safety requests for service (referred to as “incident”). It defines the process for handling an incident by the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) from the initial report through the disposition of the incident.

  • Candidate ANS 2.106.1-201x Public Safety Grade Site Hardening Standard
    This standard represents public safety requirements regarding various  characteristics to make mission critical communications network sites  sufficiently robust to meet the service availability requirements of  public safety. In other words, what it takes to make network sites “public  safety grade” or the extent to which they are “hardened.” The document is  intended to assist public safety communications network builders with the  guidelines necessary to build hardened public safety grade networks. This document addresses hardening for wireless transmission and reception  sites.

For questions regarding APCO Standards, please email: or contact the Standards Program Manager at 920-579-1153.

Please continue to check this page for further updates. If you are aware of any current standards activities that may impact public safety communications, please email information to

Resources and Reference

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Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need for specific standards, please submit them for APCO's review to or call the Standards Program Manager at (920) 579-1153.