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Microwave Radio Systems

AFC now offers turnkey engineering, licensing, project management of microwave radio systems.

APCO has been a leader in public safety communications and spectrum management for more than fifty years. Our qualified engineering staff has more than 30 years of experience in the full turnkey design and project management of microwave systems for commercial carriers domestically and internationally as well as for the United States Department of Defense (DOD). Microwave radio systems provide a cost effective, flexible, scalable, reliable and multi-service transmission in support of your mission critical backhaul requirements (i.e. land mobile radio).

If you wish to request microwave services you may do so by submitting the Microwave Services Request Form. Once this form is submitted a member of APCO's microwave staff will contact you.

Engineering Services

Design and Project Management of Point-to-Point Microwave Backhaul Systems
Full-turnkey path design, licensing and project management of unlicensed (2.4, 5.8 GHz) and licensed (6-80 GHz to include 4.9 GHz) point-to-point microwave backhaul radio systems based on customer requirements such as capacity, propagation availability and equipment reliability.

Design and Project Management of Mesh, Point-to-Multipoint and Mobile System Networks and Wi-Fi Hotspots
Engineering of point-to-multipoint, mesh, base/mobile and Wi-Fi wireless networks designed in the unlicensed frequency bands (2.4, 5.8 GHz) and licensed frequency bands such as 4.9 GHz to achieve seamless area radio coverage based on customer requirements for seamless area network coverage. Networks of this nature provide radio signal coverage within in a defined area as opposed to a point-to-point path which transports data between two specific points using a narrow beam.

Customer Assistance With Preparing Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Pricing (RFP) for Microwave Systems
APCO engineering staff can provide customers with technical assistance and preparation of RFI/RFP documentation required for a planned Microwave system.

Licensing Services

Frequency Coordination
APCO offers frequency coordination of Broadcast Auxiliary (BAS), 900 MHz Multiple Address (MAS), and Point-to Point Services (includes preparation and dissemination of Prior Coordination Notices).

FCC Licensing
APCO offers preparation and filing of the necessary FCC applications to include the Main Form 601, Notification of Construction (Schedule K), and more.

Frequency Protection / Path Status
Frequency protection is a service available to the customer after a point-to-point path or multiple paths have been installed and are in-service. This service monitors all new proposed paths and determines if there is any risk of them interfering with the customers system. In the event it is determined that there is a concern that a proposed path will create interference, a formal objection can be issued on behalf of the customer in writing.

FAA Studies and FCC Tower Registration
Towers within 20,000 feet of a public or military airport or heliport may require approval by the FAA. Additionally, towers more than 200 feet AGL also require FAA approval and must be registered.

  • FAA Study Notice of Proposed Construction – FAA Form 7460-1
  • FCC Tower Registration – 854 form

If you need specific assistance, please contact AFC directly for more detailed information at (888) APCO-911 (888-272-6911) or email [email protected].