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ASAP to PSAP Service
Presented by Becky Lane, Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) 
March 2016 Emerging Technology Forum

Videos (provided by CSAA International)

Outreach to PSAP: Introducing ASAP
Law Enforcement Supports ASAP
ASAP Demo with City of Richmond & Vector Security Using Richmond's Intergraph CAD System
Demo: Denton County & Vector Security Using County's SunGard ONESolution CAD System


ASAP to the PSAP: Alive and Doing Well, But Where's ADT?
PSC Magazine, July 2015

Automated Protocol: How to process alarm calls is coming faster & more efficient
Christina Dravis
PSC Magazine, December 2014

White Paper: ASAP to PSAP Protocol OverviewSAP to PSAP Protocol Overview
November 2, 2012


External Alarm Interface IEPD

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