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6 GHz

Public safety agencies extensively use the 6 GHz band for mission critical systems that support operational needs such as dispatching first responders and maintaining land mobile radio communications during incidents. In recent years, the Federal Communications Commission conducted a rulemaking proceeding to allow large numbers of unlicensed devices such as Wi-Fi routers to share the spectrum in this band. APCO has advocated that such sharing should only occur if appropriate measures are in place to effectively prevent, identify and eliminate interference to public safety’s systems.

Federal Communications Commission’s Proceeding and APCO’s Concerns

October 23, 2018: FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Expand Unlicensed Use of 6 GHz

February 15, 2019: APCO Comments

April 10, 2020: APCO Letter to FCC Expressing Concern Over Draft Rules

April 23, 2020: FCC Order to Expand Unlicensed Use of 6 GHz

May 28, 2020: APCO files a Petition for Reconsideration and Petition for Stay

May 28, 2020: TableTopX Blog post describing the issues: New FCC Spectrum Rules Put Public Safety Communications at Risk