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If you are currently experiencing a cyberattack

  • Contact your local authorities
  • Contact your vendors (phone company, CAD, Records, etc.)
  • Implement your cyber response plan (If you don’t have one, you should – read on)
  • Contact the Department of Homeland Security National Coordinating Center – National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (DHS NCCIC) at 703-235-5080 or [email protected]
  • File a complaint with the FBI Internet Crime and Complaint Center (IC3) at Include keywords “PSAP, Public Safety” in the description of the incident
  • Contact APCO at [email protected] (Note: this e-mail address is not monitored 24/7)

Cyber Perspective, from APCO's Technology Team

Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Responsibility

For those of you who work in the cybersecurity field, you are well familiar with the adage “it’s not if you’ll be attacked, it’s when.”  For those to whom cybersecurity is relatively new, don’t let that phrase scare you off, it’s simply an expression of the reality we all face in a digital age.  Because of this reality, it is increasingly important that staff at all levels of an organization understand that cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.  Read more

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