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Telecommunicators are the very heart of your 9-1-1 center, but with turnover at an all-time high, the revolving door is working against you. Is your 9-1-1 center struggling with staff performance and retention? You’re not alone. Turnover is straining 9-1-1 centers everywhere. There are many contributing factors, including mandatory overtime, stress and burnout, and low pay and long hours. Telecommunicators also need coaching and timely feedback to thrive on the job.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Best practices from several accomplished 9-1-1 directors that you can put into practice to close the revolving door
  • Tips for automating every-day manual tasks so supervisors can get more time back in their day to mentor, coach and support staff
  • Why a consistent, targeted Quality Assurance & Improvement (QA/QI) program is essential to helping telecommunicators succeed and stay on the job
  • How to leverage targeted QA reviews and call handling and dispatch performance metrics to uncover coachable moments, performance issues, training gaps and recognition opportunities, and help telecommunicators before they slide too far down the slippery slope
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  • Patrick Botz, Director of Engagement, NICE Public Safety & Justice
  • Joe Scaffidi, Regional Vice President of PSAP Performance Solutions for NICE Public Safety & Justice