The APCO Institute Fundamentals of Tactical Dispatch course is designed for telecommunicators who want to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities so they can ultimately serve as a member of a tactical/incident dispatch team. The course uses scenarios and practical exercises to explore the issues involved in working major events and responding to major incidents. Class work focuses on sharpening the skills needed to fulfill the role and responsibilities for tactical dispatch.

Topics include:
Classroom instruction is supplemented by practical exercises that help students apply the lessons to their own agency’s policies and procedures. Students not only learn topics relating to their individual performance but also learn how to work together in teams to manage events and incidents that require the coordination response of multiple agencies and multiple jurisdictions.

  • The big picture: ICS, the communications unit, and tactical dispatch
  • Basic knowledge necessary for a tactical dispatcher
  • How tactical dispatchers prepare
  • Pre-deployment preparations: Situational information relevant to the assignment
  • Focus on radio communication
  • Deployment
  • Telephone systems
  • Incident types
  • Ongoing and continuing education

Required Free FEMA Independent
Study Courses:

CDEs Earned: 16

Recertification Requirements:


Options Term Tuition
Non-Member Full and Commercial Member
Co-Host 2 days $329 $309
Online 3 weeks $379 $359
Virtual 2 days $389 $369
Contract 2 days Contact us for pricing Contact us for pricing

Late fee $25 (applied 10 days prior to course start date)
Tuition includes a comprehensive course manual and all certification fees.
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Tuition for live courses does not include travel, lodging, meals or other costs. Online class tuition does not include web access fees or other local internet/web-related costs. Successful students will earn APCO Institute certification.