Teammates-in-Action: Troop C, Missouri State Highway Patrol Communications

On September 11, 2023, in what appeared to be a malicious attack on the REJIS system (a provider of data processing server and online information systems for law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, correctional institutions, probation, and parole agencies at the Federal, State, county, and local levels), agencies’ law enforcement printers were re-routed to Troop C. By doing so this accounted for over 120 agencies having their administrative messages and hit confirmation requests/responses forwarded to Troop C communications.

This situation went on for several days, which increased the workload on Troop C exponentially. Troop C maintained their normal duties along with reviewing numerous administrative messages and confirmation requests during already reduced staffing levels. Patrol personnel were also tasked with checking on individuals being released from holding facilities for outstanding warrants. Troop C went above and beyond their normal duties to assist local agencies during this shut down.

Please join me in congratulating, Assistant Chief Operator David Axelrod, Assistant Chief Operator Regina Cruise, Assistant Chief Operator Christopher Feilner, Communications Operator John Callihan, Communications Operator Trevor Dunn, Communications Operator Vincent Gasperson, Communications Operator Leslie Goedecke, Communications Operator Karen Olejniczak, Communications Operator Heather Thomas, Communications Operator Kayleigh Troske, Communications Operator (trainee) Rhonda Asmus, Communications Operator (trainee) Jennifer Durbin and Communications Operator (trainee) Nicole Wollbrinck. All of you handled a difficult and stressful situation like consummate professionals.

Thank you, Troop C, for all the help you provided to your surrounding law enforcement agencies.