Teammates-in-Action: Amy Wilson, Northwest Central Dispatch System

On December 1, 2023, Telecommunicator Amy Wilson, of the Northwest Central Dispatch System in Illinois, answered a call for a subject with a knife at a residence. The caller was slurring their speech and was difficult to understand therefore officers were dispatched with the limited information that could be obtained. Amy was able to locate some history of previous police responses and quickly relayed that information to responders.

Police requested the parents of the subject exit the house and leave the caller inside. At this point there was conflicting information if in fact the subject was still armed.  Upon the first unit’s arrival, all parties involved were exiting the house, and it became clear that the initial caller was still armed.

The next transmission from officers was one she never wanted to hear.  “Shots fired” Send the fire department to the scene and have them expedite. Amy quickly sent more units and copied their locations along the perimeter and obtained mutual aid from other departments to assist with traffic and crowd control.

Amy remained calm, spoke clearly, and exemplified professionalism during a stressful and chaotic situation.

Thank you, Telecommunicator Amy Wilson for your commitment to professionalism and the safety of your responders.