Teammates in Action: Dillan Sutton, Krysten Keeney, Brittany Stroud, and Justin Davis, Missouri State Highway Patrol

On December 8, 2022, Communications Operators Dillan Sutton, Krysten Keeney, Brittany Stroud, and Justin Davis handled an incident that escalated quickly and required an extensive amount of teamwork. Communications Operator Davis received a phone call from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office reporting shots fired. The information Operator Davis was working with was limited, to say the least. The only thing heard was screaming over the radio and a report that shots had been fired. Operator Davis was then advised that a deputy was down, and based on everything he knew at that moment, the scene was not secure.

As the situation unfolded, Operator Davis’s teammates sprung into action. Responders were given directions to the scene and coordinated where the responders needed to be positioned. Another update reported that the offender was armed with an AR-15 rifle. As information continued to flow, it became known that there were two victims along with the main suspect. Through their combined efforts, the scene was secured, and it was determined that no officers were injured. The outcome was that the suspect was deceased after killing two other victims.

All four Communications Operators exemplified professionalism in the face of tragedy. The ability to coordinate all the moving pieces of a complex incident is something to be commended. By working together, they were able to provide a quick and safe response to the incident. The skill of keeping your voice calm and competent during a highly intense situation was displayed by all four Communication Operators. These Operators represented the Missouri State Highway Patrol as the true professionals they are.

Please join us in congratulating Communications Operators Dillan Sutton, Krysten Keeney, Brittany Stroud, and Justin Davis for their exceptional performance and awarding them the Teammates in Action Award.

Thank you, Operators Sutton, Keeney, Stroud, and Davis, for your commitment to professionalism and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.