APCO Recognizes New Graduates of the Certified Public-Safety Executive Program

Alexandria, Va. – APCO International is pleased to announce that the following individuals have earned the Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) designation following completion of the culminating course, a two-week capstone seminar at APCO headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida.

In her graduation speech, class president Jacquea’ Lampkins reflected on her time in the CPE program saying “We are now celebrating our moment of achievement as we graduate as certified public executives. Earning this prestigious credential, while immensely rewarding, was no easy feat.” She added, “We’ve learned a great deal about ourselves throughout this process of learning and about one another. We have developed a stronger sense of community and friendship as we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and lean on one another as we tackle this level of growth and strategize for the future for ourselves and our organizations. Our time here was beyond well spent.”

Congratulations to the following CPE graduates:

Michael Brewer – Jefferson County (Colo.) Communication Center Authority
Donald Burr – Southeast (Ill.) Emergency Communications
Patrice Coleman – Metropolitan Nashville (Tenn.) Department of Emergency Communications
Kevin Diluia – Northwest Central (Ill.) Dispatch System
Thomas Donahue – Akron (Ohio) Safety Communications
Sherry Glick – City of Idaho Falls (Idaho) 911 Center
Gail Goodchild – Waukesha County (Wis.) Emergency Preparedness
Kevin Irwin – Hutchinson Reno County (Kan.) Emergency Communications
Roderick Jackson – Baytown (Texas) 911 Public Safety Communications
Jacquea’ Lampkins – North Texas Emergency Communications Center
Jim Moldenhauer – Lyons Township (Ill.) Area Communications Center
Jody Patt – Escondido (Calif.) Police & Fire Communications
Christopher Perry – Deschutes County (Ore.) 911
Cynthia Samples – Hamblen County (Tenn.) Emergency Communications District
Kristal Sipe – City of Mesa (Ariz.) Police Department

The CPE Program is the only executive leadership program focused specifically on the public safety communications profession. It consists of two 12-week online courses in addition to the ten-day capstone seminar.

Applications are currently being accepted through May 15 for the next CPE program beginning in July 2024. Applicants do not need to be members of APCO International. For more information, visit apcointl.org/cpe or contact CPE Program Coordinator Dr. Timothy Scanlon at (386) 944-2486.

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