APCO and Others Oppose Request to Waive 6 GHz Protections

On September 7, APCO joined several organizations in opposing a request by Extreme Networks to waive certain protections for 6 GHz licensees. The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules permit “low power” unlicensed devices to operate in the 6 GHz band so long as they remain indoors because outdoors – without walls to block radio signals – these devices pose a significantly greater threat of interference to 6 GHz licensees such as public safety microwave operators. The FCC’s rules support the indoor-only restriction by, among other things, prohibiting the low-power unlicensed devices from being built with a weatherproof case. Extreme Networks requested a waiver of this rule to allow weatherized enclosures for low-power access points when placed in indoor-only sporting venues. APCO and others opposed the waiver request, explaining that Extreme Networks has reasonable alternatives that would not risk confusion and proliferation of devices that pose a greater threat to public safety and other incumbents.