Teammates-in-Action: Corina Hunt, Guildford Metro 911

The Member Chapter Services Committee is pleased to announce our next recipient of the Teammates in Action Award.

On 6/26/2023, in her first year at Guilford Metro 911, ECS Corina Hunt exhibited extraordinary courage, composure, and leadership during a critical emergency call. Her actions played a pivotal role in potentially saving a life.

During this incident, ECS Hunt fielded a call from an 11-year-old child who reported their unconscious 43-year-old mother. The caller was understandably distraught, and the situation escalated when it was revealed that the patient was not breathing. With an 8-year-old sibling also present and both children in a state of panic, ECS Hunt demonstrated exceptional professionalism.

ECS Hunt managed to maintain her composure, calming the 11-year-old and instructing him on essential tasks. She skillfully guided the caller in assessing the patient’s breathing, at which time the child advised that his mother had a “hole in her throat” (stoma). Determining that the patient was not breathing the children began to scream and cry. Knowing the urgency of this situation, ECS Hunt was able to skillfully bring the caller back to her and focus on what needed to be done. She directed the caller in performing CPR on his mother, all the while providing encouragement and support. When the child heard sirens, he began getting upset again, ECS Hunt was able to redirect his attention to continuing CPR, while having his sibling open the door.

Her guidance and reassurance were instrumental in keeping the caller focused and determined until emergency responders arrived on the scene. ECS Hunt continued to provide encouragement and comfort to the child even after responders took over.  The responders were ultimately able to revive the patient’s pulse and breathing and she continued to breath on her own throughout transport.

While we do not have information on the outcome, it is evident that ECS Hunt’s swift and composed actions provided this patient with a fighting chance at survival. Her dedication to her role and her ability to guide the caller through such a distressing situation deserve our utmost recognition and gratitude.

Please join me in congratulating ECS Corina Hunt for her exceptional performance and awarding her the “Teammate in Action Award.” Her actions exemplify our commitment to excellence in emergency response.

Thank you, ECS Hunt, for your unwavering dedication and remarkable service.